WWE Title Belt Photoshoot  

The learning disability group enjoyed a photoshoot with the WWE Universal title belt that came all the way from New York from the wrestling event of the year, Wrestlemania 35!

Everybody was so thrilled to have such a special moment.

Bowling in the Evening

Every Wednesday evening LD group enjoys different outdoor activities ie: Bowling, Cinema, parks and window shopping etc. Parents/ carers get to enjoy respite evening once a week.  Activities around the centre range from bowls to general fitness with all sports in between such as table tennis, badminton or cricket.                                                                              

Everybody has fun taking part in these activities

Outdoor Activities

LD group got the chance to visit Southshield Leisure Park and had a lovely day on the beach, having fish and chips, followed by an Ice-cream on a nice sunny day. There have been some other trips to Redcar and Saltburn this Summer.

Cooking and Baking

LD group is adapting healthier choices this summer, and has started doing more baking and having salads, Pasta bakes, jacket potatoes and sandwiches. Everybody is keen to get involved which has not only helped with teamwork skills but has also helped to boost their moral and confidence in independent living skills.


Every morning we do Meditation and breathing exercises which make our day more cheerful and flexible, followed by listening to the stories in story telling session. We use the sensory room to meditate as it provides a more calming atmosphere as it has different sensory lights and soothing music which is played in the background.

Weekend Break

As some service users have started putting the small amount of money in their pots every week and are waiting to build it up to choose a fun place to go for the weekend respite with staff which will give parents a short break as well.

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