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Aapna Services provide a professional counselling service covering the areas of Middlesbrough and Stockton. It offers a confidential, safe  and empathic space for all your needs. Along with English, Aapna services offer the therapies to Asian clients speaking Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu and are happy to work via interpreters (subject to available funding for the interpreting service).

People seek counselling and therapy for many different reasons. Usually, something is making them feel unhappy, unsafe, anxious, depressed or troubled. They may need to resolve problems, employment grievances, losses or difficulties caused by life changes such as redundancy and retirement. They may need to work through past hurts, relationships or negative life situations that may be causing ‘stuckness’ or repeated negative relationship patterns. It may be that people want to discuss issues that may be too intimate to discuss with friends or family. There may be conflict in their relationships with others with poor cooperation between family members. There may be cultural issues such as forced marriage or controlling relationships. 

The counsellor is flexible and provides the services from the most suitable location for the client which can be the Aapna Resource Centre in Middlesbrough, the client’s GP Surgery or  counselling offices in Stockton.

To obtain additional information or gain access to the service please send e-mail to;


or call the counsellor on the direct line ;  0790 541 3260,  Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

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