Complaints Policy

However good a service we provide to our customers there may be situations where the customer is dissatisfied from their point of view. This policy sets out how we, as a business, address complaints made to us. It is the policy of Aapna Services Ltd to, wherever possible, resolve the complaint made by a customer to their satisfaction. It is important to remember that:

• if the business handles the complaint successfully, our customers are likely to prove more loyal than if nothing had gone wrong

• people willing to complain are rare – the complaining customer may be alerting us to a problem experienced by many others who silently took their custom elsewhere.

Responding to a complaint that is made

Never be dismissive of a problem raised by a customer, even if you do not believe that the business is at fault in any way.

Initial actions to be taken:

1. Inform a manager of the complaint that is being made.

2. If a manager is not available, listen sympathetically to what you are being told.

3. Do not in any circumstances make a judgement about the complaint, or attempt to deal with it without consulting a manager

4. If the manager can address the matter straightaway, do so, otherwise make a written note of the complaint. Doing so demonstrates that you take it seriously and will not forget about the complaint.

5. Ensure that you have correctly recorded the complaint by checking what you have written with the customer

6. Tell the customer what will happen next. Where complaints that are not dealt with immediately, customers will receive a response from a manager within 24 hours and we will attempt to resolve the complaint within 2 days

7. Ensure you have recorded a way for the business to respond to and contact the customer

Follow up actions to be taken:

1. If the matter has not been dealt with straightaway, report the complaint to a manager

2. It is the responsibility of the manager to investigate the complaint and decide on the appropriate course of action.

3. Always seek to ensure that the customer is satisfied with your response and action.

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