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  • Individuals are at the centre of all support provided using person centered approach.
I like writing and learning English and Maths. I enjoy cooking on Wednesday." Rashid
  • Individuals physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual needs are respected and treated with dignity.
I like to part in activities such as exercise, massage and playing games. I live on my own and coming here helps me to meet with others." Naziran
  • Individuals are encouraged and supported to make choices about their life.
I come to take part in exercise and also to socialise. I look forward to coming here and once I am here I really enjoy myself. It's a lifeline for women like me who live on their own." Veena
  • Support Staff are effectively trained, competent and knowledgeable to meet individuals' needs.
It's more fun coming to the centre. I like the people." Kashaal
  • Individuals are actively involved in the local and wider community.
We come to the centre to feel fresh and good about ourselves. We like meeting with others and making friends." Rashida

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