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The Community Outreach Service

The community outreach services provide variety of services to support people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, mental health care needs, onset dementia and sensory impairments. Moreover, Aapna runs day care services for older people who will have opportunities to meet and socialise with their friends and participate in activities that encourage a more independent lifestyle.

Aapna Services Ltd. effectively trained, competent, and knowledgeable support staff is always there to meet individuals' physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual needs.

Apart from community outreach service, Aapna provides the following other services:

Learning Disability Day Care

Aapna provides day care opportunities to vulnerable adults with learning disabilities who need a secure building based service that meets all their needs. Service users will not stay indoors all day they will be able to choose from a wide range of community activities as well to enhance their life experiences. Aapna also offers weekend and evening care.

Older People Day Care

Aapna provides day care provision for older people two days a week. Older people will have opportunities to meet and socialise with their friends and peers and take part in activities that encourage a more independent lifestyle.

Home Care and Support

We are committed to providing social care and support services to people to enable them to remain at home and remain as independent as possible. The home care service seeks to provide support to a wide variety of people. It aims to enhance the quality of life of both service users and their carers.

Aapna Services are fully registered with CQC to deliver personal care and domiciliary care. Moreover, Aapna's care staff possess a range of experience in providing homecare to all our services user groups. Irrespective of experience, all staff undergo a six week induction through volunteering program including a range of classroom teaching, shadowing in the field and supervisions with team leaders. After induction and a probationary period, staff undertake a training needs analysis, which is incorporated into their training and development plan. A number of staff already have NVQ 2/3 in care, and all staff are encouraged to start NVQ 2 in care within six months of starting with us. All staff have an annual appraisal of their overall standard of performance, training and development needs.

Our services specifically caters for people from BME communities providing culturally suitable services allowing people to lead independent fulfilled lives. We endeavour to provide a service which respects your wishes, privacy and dignity and remains confidential. Aapna provides care for private individuals, clients referred by social services and those with Direct Payment/Personal Budgets.

Milan: BME Women's Mental Health Support Group

Milan is a Multicultural day service which provides support to women from BME communities who suffer from isolation and/or mental health problems. Our aim is to raise awareness among women about mental health problems and create opportunities to recover by providing social integration to build their confidence, and assertiveness skills so that they can take control of their own lives.

Milan service can be used by any adult women from BME communities who had any long-term mental health problems and other long-term illnesses or became housebound and isolated. Furthermore, any adult who provides help to a relative or friend who is ill, disabled, elderly or in need of emotional support and whose mental health is affected by providing this support.
Other services provided by Milan are as follows:

  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)
  • Person Centred Planning
  • Cultural competence in Mental Health training

In a nutshell:

  • We help individuals to be as independent as possible and make their own choices
  • We help individuals to access work and leisure and help them to be part of the wider community
  • We make sure that everyone is treated as an individual
  • We provide opportunities to become more independent
  • We provide different and enjoyable experience






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